Euvin Naidoo

Euvin Naidoo

Young Global Leader Alumnus, World Economic Forum, Past opening speaker at TED Global Tanzania – TED’s first event in Africa

Recognized by as one of Africa’s TOP 10 most ‘Powerful and Influential Men’ of his generation, Euvin Naidoo has been a pan-African financial services executive and leader focused on banking and insurance and the alignment of successful customer and community service delivery models against the backdrop of technology, innovation and regulatory changes taking place across developing markets. His work focuses on partnering and supporting Central Banks, public and  private sector financial services institutions (bank, insurance companies and pension funds) driving the deepening of capital markets focused on innovation within financial services.

Euvin, who delivered the opening talk at TEDGlobal’s first ever Africa event, has also delivered the opening keynote at the seminal African Blockchain Conference in held in Uganda in May 2018- this, one of the largest and most successful Blockchain focused events on the African continent, brought together thought leaders from across the globe to think through the impact of the Blockchain in emerging markets with a focus on financial services. In June, Euvin also joined the leaders of Coinbase and Ripple at Harvard on a core panel selected from global leaders to present on the opportunities Blockchain presents with his focus on emerging markets.

Euvin was previously part of the African leadership team at the Boston Consulting Group, joining as the first South African Partner and Managing Director based out of the Johannesburg office, where he led the Africa Financial Institutions (Banking and Insurance) and Public Sector (DFIs, Treasury and Central Banks) Practices. At BCG Euvin was part of the team that released an important paper on redefining financial inclusion and steps business and government can take to drive this in emerging markets. Selected in 2009 as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (WEF), in 2012 he was recruited to the Forum’s Global Agenda Councils, where he served 2 terms on the United States Council. He is a current member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network. In February 2017, Euvin was honored in Boston by receiving the Harvard Business School Africa Business Club Leadership Excellence Award, where 15 years earlier he read for his MBA. Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs, in recognition of his work, and impact across Africa, has previously named Euvin as one of the ‘Five Faces of African Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

At #rethinkeurope, Euvin Naidoo speaks in personal capacity, exciting the audience with his insights info African business and future.

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