Céline Laukemann

Céline Laukemann

Head of Internationalisation at InterGest Worldwide GmbH

Céline Laukemann leads the division of Internationalization of InterGest Worldwide GmbH with a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and Great Britain. For over fifteen years she has lived and worked in South Africa and the UK and has turned her passion into her profession.  She made it her main task to locate chances and opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa for companies of the DACH region and estabish them sustainably, efficiently and cost-effectively in the African market. Céline Laukemann has an MSc in Economics and Education from the University of Konstanz – with a focus on International Business Development & Taxation as well as  Vocational Education and Training. Céline had her entry to Africa in 2014 at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Southern Africa in Johannesburg.

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