Nwabisa Mayema about #EUROPE

“I associate Europe with privilege that allows for individuals to exercise choice (freedom to pursue dreams, freedom to live how you choose to live, freedom to face the future…).

My wish is for Europe to acknowledge its role in the trajectories of nations of the developing world (particularly Africa). From that, my wish is for Europe to recognise that nations of the developing world have much to offer in terms of human capital, innovation and creativity especially as these are the very nations that have shown an audacious ability to leapfrog some of Europe’s processes when it comes to advancement.

I think it – and by no means is this an original thought – that Europe faces the challenge of breaking away from “business as usual”. The world is ever so dynamic and unpredictable and so the norms of how we provide solutions to challenges no longer apply. My company’s contribution is through its objective of growing African women owned businesses. Each of these businesses, run by real people, are sites for potential collaboration, partnership-building and shared wealth creation. Each of these businesses is a contact point for a corridor of exchange (knowledge, ideas, guidance, people, culture) between Europe and Africa.”


Nwabisa Mayema, Managing Director at nnfinity 

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